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Croft 1.0

rFactor2 Croft by Feels3

  1. Stefan Woudenberg


    Official Release notes from Feels3 (Wojtek)

    New version of Croft is ready for you guys!
    My first plan didn’t assume to many improvements. I just wanted to fix bugs, maybe tweak few textures and that’s all.
    But when I was working on this update, I realized that I just can’t leave this like that. It was my first track, and that is visible in every single detail on track.
    Low resolution textures, low poly models, odd reflections and low quality of trees… Yeah, I was impressed by this track half a year ago too (bearing in mind, that it was my first track of course), but now I’d rate it a 4/10 at best. So, I decided to rebuild whole track….

    Release notes – Croft v1.0
    - uninstall old version before installing v1.0
    - added Ambient Occlusion to pitlane buildings
    - completely new trees
    - improved road geometry – reduced few bumps and improved camber in few places
    - new crowd (including 3d people)
    - new terrain textures
    - track use default HDR profile, feel free to create your own
    - improved reflections
    - new road textures
    - added custom textures set for Real Road shader (skids and wet reflections)
    - new trackside objects (fences, tents, cars, tirewalls and so on…)
    - improved collisions
    - removed most street lights
    - improved AIW ( special thanks for Kev and Tosch for help ! )
    - temporarily disabled “movable” option from tires around the track. Be careful, they have collision turned on. It’s temporary solution until ISI fix few things in engine.
    - there are still some issues, but before I will fix that, ISI has to fix few issues in engine…

    so, yes, you can expect further improvements and updates when rfactor 2 hits DVD

    Some images:


    Enjoy the track!


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Recent Reviews

  1. VernWozza
    Version: 1.0
    This is an amazing track for rf2. I get a lot of enjoyment from it. Only reason it isn't getting 5 stars from me is because the AI seem to have a problem with the curbs on the first chicane, it makes them roll every so often. Other than that this is a brilliant download.
  2. Ian Franssen
    Ian Franssen
    Version: 1.0
    Great looking track from Feels3, fun lay-out too
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