Croft Circuit

Croft Circuit 1.0

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Thanks for all your hard work on this. Great detail and great fun to drive. I love the old tarmac and car tyre barriers!
muchas gracias, buena pista. Buen trabajo.
loving this track
Awesome track, great mod, thanks
Works great - Thanks
Useful so I can learn track before going there
Thanks. I've had some really good AI races here.
It‘s too bumpy.
*Way* better than I was expecing from a conversion, and much more fun ( in GT4 at least ) than I remembered from other games. Only complaint I can think of right now is the ghost cones in the chicane, and perhaps some of the straighter fast parts could talk to my wheel a bit more ( not really an issue as much as taste ).

Great stuff, thanks to all contributors!
Very cool track, everything's working well.
A pleasure to drive on; thank you very much
merci beaucoup pour le trvail
Using your mods since months, now it's time for a rating.
Very nice work! Thank you!
My local Track so just had to have. First grabbed V0.95 which I thought was excellent, now its even better. Great immersion and accurate reproduction. would be awesome to have Croft rallycross option /version too....please? Great work
Highly recommended... Perfect track. Thanks for doing this!
Excellent! Thanks for this track, took the XBow for a spin couldn't stop driving!
Still awesome. It´s so well made. Many thanks for spending your time on this.
Feels like the Real Track, Nice Textures and Lighting, Awesome!
Really nice work. Thank you for sharing.
Very good and fun track, thanks!
This track is a sensation top quality.
Lots of fun, amazing circuit, thank you.
Thank you for continuing to work on this little gem.
Awesome track. Thank you
Awesome Track, thank you for the work
Awesome! thanks :)
Excellent Thanks to share
Great job , thanks Terra21 !
Brilliant track, thank you!
very nice!
Great work , beautifull quality , thanks very much
My local track, really well done too. I have ridden this on a motorbike a few times and this is a faithful representation of it. Very well done and thank you so much.
The scenery graphics are on the average level but the track itself is really well done and the road feel is beautiful, making this nice little layout truly enjoyable.
Tip top conversion, beautifully done! Great job ! Thank you !
I love these old aerodrome tracks, perfect for 60s era race cars
Thx mate.glad you enjoy it too ;)