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Croft (BTCC + Super Truck) 2.43

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Good job but AI (BTCC) crash in the last 2 corners. Bad AIW here.

But one minor problem though

In the Super Truck Layout the AI don't drive properly towards the first jumps

maybe this can be adressed?

Patrick Giranthon
I am waiting for super trucks to setup the ai correctly ;-)
Nice track. Works well enough. Not Reiza quality but very good indeed. I say it's definitely worth the download.
From the layout I didn't expect Croft to deliver 5 stars for the fun factor. A very fast track that is surprisingly demanding. You can really push the corners here and find a bit more speed with each lap. Patrick's conversion with the shaders and textures improve the quality of the track. I can give a solid 4 stars for the overall quality, and I recommend this track for all cars with the exception of the really high power open wheelr's.
Nice version of this underated track. Good fun with FVee and Marcas cars.
as always. fantastic work!
Thank you so very much. Excellent!
good job,awesome.have a plan for anthor two btcc circuit?oulton park and rockingham
Patrick Giranthon
Spent some hours on Rockingham. Have to restart from zero, a disaster. Perhaps I can tweak something anyway, but Not sure to reach the standard. And Oulton is made too weirdly. I did not succeded in doing anything with It for the moment, sorry...
You keep on amazing me, keep up the good work
As we have come to expect, another superb upgrade from Monsieur Giranthon. Croft is a crafty little track, quicker and more technical than at first appears and this version shows this well. That double right hander towards the end of the lap is the key to a quick time. Try it in Pixsim's Alpine A364 - driving heaven...

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