CP Racing Merceds AMG GT3 Evo 24H Series

CP Racing Merceds AMG GT3 Evo 24H Series 1.2

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The CP Racing Merceds AMG GT3 Evo as ran in the 24H Dubai 2020. The car is for the AGU modding evo model which you can find on their discord please don't message me asking for a link as I don't hand them out.
Ez Robson
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed Rear

    Fixed the rear of the car showing black after the latest update for the car.
  2. Window Banner

    Fixed the window banner showing, been trying to get some sponsors that are on the splitter...

Latest reviews

AMAZING !!! Big thanks, I have got one question, how can you get the preview of the car ?
Ez Robson
There's a file kicking about on gtplanet but I think the file on RD contains it too
THANKS for this skin !!! all links here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djTxuxOYkKE&t=94s
I am interesting by this car ; where can i download ?
Ez Robson
Search google for AGU modding discord or check their Facebook page for the link
Very nice....but......but no lumirank cutout? :P
Ez Robson
Having some issues with certain textures for example there is supposed to be a window banner it’s even in the file but it’s only showing in the showroom not game, also there is sponsors on the front splitter but that’s the same story
Nice work , thank You
Our first skin for the 2020, nice job there! Default white wont cut it ;) The "2020" in action | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8bKAL7XW0w
top quality! THX a lot!
please make more actual skins, that would be awesome.
Ez Robson
I have a lot of actual skins xD