Corvette DP iCar Skin Pack 3

Simplistic skins for IER Corvette DP

  1. playwithwind
    Inspired by the #84 "iCar" in the Pixar movie "Cars", I made a pair of replicate skins. The skins are fit for both "corvette_dp_c" and "corvette_dp_d" cars.

    Version 3 Main Updates:
    Updated texture file names for the new naming rules.
    Tuned the suit textures a little darker.

    A clean installation for the new 1.0 car update is required if you have the previous version installed.


    #84, 1984, the year the first Macintosh was introduced.

    #76, I chose this number for 1976, the year Apple Computer was founded. Actually I find that I like this one better, for I have tested so many times to make the main color as close as Mac Pro.
    preview (2).jpg

    Hope you like it : )

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Recent Reviews

  1. antonn
    Version: 1
    efficient and sober, I like - Thank -
    1. playwithwind
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
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