"Correct" Legends Riding Style MOD 1

Riding Style Legends

  1. KennyBarroz
    Hi guys!
    So this MOD is made so that the riding style of the legends is more correct to the actual riding style of the legends.

    We all know that Garry Mcoy rode his YZR500 like it was Marc Marquez riding it, now i have re-written the riders leaning style so that the Legend riders lean more like they actually did and not just like Kevin Schwantz oldschool riding style ;-)

    You have to use Mixfile ReMixer and extract your current DATA.MIX file to a folder.
    Then replace this GFXGEM_PILOTS.BML with the same one in the extracted DATA.MIX folder. When you have replaced the file, use Mixfile Remixer and create a new DATA.MIX file by using the extracted DATA folder you replaced the file in, and then replace it with your original DATA.MIX

    Hope you guys like it!

    MotoGP14X64 2014-07-16 16-30-49-62.jpg
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