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Cooper T73 F1 1964 1.0

Cooper T73 (F1 1964)

  1. BorekSt
    t73_rf_01.jpg t73_rf_02.jpg t73_rf_03.jpg t73_rf_04.jpg t73_rf_05.jpg t73_rf_06.jpg


    2D/3D stuff: BorekS
    3D/3D stuff ingame conversion: GFraser1965 and BorekS
    Car physics: GFraser1965 (based on deep-strike GTL/GTR2 sources)
    Sounds: wolferl (soundset adapted for the GTL/GTR2 car by deep-strike / for rFactor by GFraser1965)

    Special thanks to: LoPEN League for mod testing.

    Although it is a single car add-on, the mod pack also includes a few non Cooper manufacturer related skins in different racing team colors (Ferrari, BRM etc.), we call it "car mock-ups".
    To muck-up better the full F1 1964 race grid feeling, such team cars use slightly different body parts (engine pipes, wheels) etc.), but all these cars use same physics and sounds like the original Cooper T73 car.

    The rFactor mod version got a few early 60's Indy racer car mock-ups aswell, based on Lotus 29 and Lotus 38.

Recent Reviews

  1. Karl Lorenz
    Karl Lorenz
    Version: 1.0
    Top mode. i want more of this cars for rfactor.
    Only the mirror files do not work. I always see the ground in enlargement.
    1. BorekSt
      Author's Response
      rFactor mirrors are a "chapter itself" :) anyway, GFraser added some kind of mirror related optional improvements into the Optional_Stuff, check the mod pack content for more.
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