Continental GT Challenge Replay Cam Kyalami 2016

Continental GT Challenge Replay Cam Kyalami 2016 1.0

No permission to download
Made this mod for my own use.
I share it, telling myself that maybe someone will be happy to have it too.

Simply paste the folder in your assetto corsa tracks folder
Have fun ^^

cam 2 back
cam 2 back.jpg

cam 3 front
cam 3 front.jpg

cam 3 back
cam 3 back.jpg

cam 6 front
cam 6 front.jpg

cam 7 front
cam 7 front.jpg

cam 8 front
cam 8 front.jpg

cam 9 front
cam 9 front.jpg

cam 9 back
cam 9 back.jpg

cam 10 front
cam 10 front.jpg

cam 11 back
cam 11 back.jpg
pepperoni ac24
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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.0

    - improve a lot of little things :)
  2. Update 0.9b

    - change the cam 1 to improve readability at the start of the race without betraying the "GT...
  3. Version 0.9

    - Add the last camera and do some fine tuning

Latest reviews

nice mate, appreciate it
Great addition to this fantastic track, I really felt like watching the broadcast on YT, thanks for sharing