Complete Dash for DashPanel 1.0

A skin for the DashPanel app

  1. Bikone
    Complete Dash.lyt.png
    I bring you a dash for the DashPanel application that will be very useful when you are driving in either Assetto Corsa, Raceroom Racing Experience, Project CARS or rFactor.
    This dash includes information regarding fuel information, position, lap times, tires, etc. You can download the DashPanel application in the Google Play Store by clicking on this LINK.

    It is very simple to install the Dash, just follow the following steps:
    - 1º You must know where you installed the application, either in the internal storage or in the SD card.
    - 2º Copy the files from the RAR file to your smartphone or tablet.
    - 3º Knowing where you installed the application will move the files copying previously to the following directory: Android\Data\com.PyrofrogStudios.DashPanel\files\RacingDashboards (if you do not have this last folder, you create it)

    With all these steps, open DashPanel and in the third tab you will have this Dashboard

    If you like my work and want to contribute you can donate through PayPal in the following link:
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