Cockpit/Dashcam T2 Cars 1.0

Dashcam mod without wheel for ALL T2 cars

  1. macsnaken

    I dont like to see the wheel when i play with a wheel so have fun
    1. Nissan r34
    2. Camaro ss
    3. Chevi Cruze
    4. BMW 320 touring
    5. Mazda rx7
    6. Honda s200
    7. Nissan 370z
    8. Bmw m3
    9. Mercedes c63
    10. Dodge Challenger SRT8
    11. Audi Rs5
    12. Audi TT RS
    - edited physiks for impact/movement
    - added wheelspinshake
    - added a bit driftshake
    - removed brakeshake

    cameras.xml is converted for easy edit !!
    search at lower part for"head-cam2"
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