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Cockpit Cam (no blur) 1.2

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Thank you. Like others have said the quality of the cockpits aren't great but I removal of the blur is welcome though. Copying the three files over (I renamed the originals to keep them) works without any issues that I could see.
Very good job!

I think Codemasters took cockpits directly from TOCA Race Driver 3 (they look very similar) and did nothing to improve them.
Thank You!!
Great mod but i rather keep the blur, it's a utter disgrace that such a A+ company was too lazy to give us some high res cockpits!
Thanks so much for doing a job that the devs should of done.
Great stuff and thanks!
Great work!
While it doesn't change the fact that the cockpit is LQ, I think it's better than trying to hide it with excessive blur.
That's great, can't wait for Friday release, how do you install this update?
Thanks. HD.