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Clio Williams Cup Pack 1

Clio Williams Cup Pack 1 1.0

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This is my first time ever creating or making anything and my first time uploading, so these may not be top standard but I thought they were fun.

These are made for my own fantasy one-make cup series for GR.TEAM's Renault Clio Williams (the one with only one seat inside.) which I thought was so much fun that I wanted to make some liveries from places close to home to add some immersion.

They were just for a laugh, but I thought I'd upload them! I'll be continually making more as I'm enjoying it and find it more fun racing against these liveries than the one the car came bundled with.

If you enjoy them, share them! Do whatever you like with them.

Feel free to give my page on Facebook a like, 427 Motorsports!
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car link download??
Tomo Pattison
Tomo Pattison
I don't think I can post it here can I?
But it's from GR.TEAM and I got it from AssettoRallyGRB. That's probably as much as I can say.
Nice skins pack,thanks mate ! ;)
Tomo Pattison
Tomo Pattison
Thank you so much!! :D
Tomo Pattison
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