Clio Cup 2013

Clio Cup 2013 2.2

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Absolutely fantastic mod. Could you explain to me how you put so many sound samples (7 samples on throttle and 6 samples off throttle?) I made sounds for my car, but I never managed to put more than 5 samples on throttle and 5 samples off throttle.
An excellent mod, very good physics, really only fun to ride! Thank you!
Been watching this one for awhile with all its updates and finally took it for a spin. Fun ride! Thanks for all the work put in to it.
This is a massive improvement from 1.5, everything feels good and the car reacts to your inputs, the ffb feels good too once you have it dialed in how you like it, everyone should have this in there collection good fun mod. thanks for the updates!
Thank you guys, update worked fine and quick; tip on realfeel helped a lot, had no idea but it was very easy to add and ffb works great; still a little weirded about side contact not feeling much but the suspensions feels more real than any Clio mod I've driven. Once again, much appreciative of your efforts. Cheers.
Have not raced it yet, just having fun hotlapping on several tracks. FFB is really good (had to reverse it via RealFeel), overall feel is very nice. Don't know if the brakers were changed, but this version seems to brake better than the previous one ?
Kudos to all involved. I like it a lot !
Beautiful work, but the versions change too fast to play in multi!
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
I agree what you say indeed.
This is the last version.
Was something wrong with the collision model and now its also better in the dark.
One lesson for me: First good testing and than release.
Just the work involved in putting together a comprehensive mod with many details deserves 4 stars; thank you, really.

Car does behave differently in the ffb than any other car I have used in AMS and other sims; had to adjust it with a different profile and it kind of turns by itself which takes away from a realism feeling; I also have seen cars overlapping sideways with each other instead of producing contact, another thing I have almost never seen anywhere else.

Very ignorant myself in how to judge physics but don't feel like I can feel, say the Renault Fluence in the Marcas series.

In the end and does matters a lot, Fun to drive for sure.

Thanks again!
Top Support
thank you for this mod!
franklin, what can i say, your mods always great...thx Franklin
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
Thanks Charly69
With version 1.5, the ffb works perfectly. Thanks to Franklin Steglin. It is one of the most fun vehicles. Good design, good sound and good physics. I like it.
Just needed to adjust FFB (to 3800 from -2500) in Realfeel.ini and this mod rocks. Excellent handling, graphics, skins.
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
Thanks Marc
the winshield is too dark, and the cockpit view is very bad
Franklin Stegink
Franklin Stegink
To dark?
Not for me.
...cooler mod, ihr habt auch alles super beschrieben wegen der alten Version zum Deinstallieren.

... Clio Cup is super.