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Cleveland (CART 1998) 2.1

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Hi everybody.

Without doubt the hardest track to update of my short life :cool:

The upgrade is not bad at all I hope.

Thanks to Doug Lynch from IDT for permissions.
If you want to donate him via paypal, please use this email : DOUG@IDTSIMULATIONS.COM

Hope you will like it.

Track is in the CART 1998 folder ingame

Latest updates

  1. AIW fix

    Thanks to Keith Windsor who did some AI optimisations. :-)

Latest reviews

Thanks Patrick, Cleveland with the CART cars is fantastic! Actually, IRL I wasn't fond of the CART Cleveland race as I found it lacked character but virtual its another matter. Hard to hit braking points and apexes at first but I had a blast.
Thanks for this one Patrick! I just hope it's not that version of (rFactor) Cleveleand that had some big FPS isuess. I, although have decent pc, had to delete regular version and use FPS (friendly) version, cause the regular was give me big stuttering.
Cleveland track is great for racing and... have a cuch a nice layout which you must love. After you spend 184 laps on it. :)
Patrick Giranthon
I did not see any fps issue during my tests , at 5760x1200
Thx superbe :-)
Great work on these tracks, cheers!!!
My favorite track, awesome!
Thank you so much for your hard work
Patrick Giranthon
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