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Classic-mode: 32 OSD Transparency Options 1.0

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Backups of all original game files are provided inside the BACKUP_FILES folder. These can come handy if restoring standard OSD features is needed at any point.

This mod offers 32 slightly different OSD layout transparency options (16 with a clean replay-screen feature, and the same 16 with the original standard untouched) 4 DLC 80's 90's classic-mode.

Once un-zipped, the downloaded .zip file provides a comprehensive folder/sub-folders/sub-folders/sub-folders tree structure that is rather easy to understand and follow (watch it displayed in Windows Explorer's title bar; TIP: Select your options from up there!).

Using any of these 32 complete setups (which means, copying both the chosen frontend AND Osd folders to your Steam/SteamApps/Common/F12013 folder) will hide the session legend from the game (i.e. the 5-minute countdowns, et al) and the wrong-way warning indicator. It will also permanently remove warning flags, track rejoining messages, fastest lap, and illegal overtake messages, unless only the b_osd_dlc.pssg & d_osd_dlc.pssg files from the chosen frontend folder are used (and not the config.xml file from the Osd folder, which prevents the game from loading its flags interface).

The rest of the in-game OSD features can be set in any of the game's menus so you can turn them OFF or ON at your leisure. With everything OFF, and RULES AND FLAGS set to REALISTIC, you will be getting your feedback from the marshals, REVS-display flashing LEDs, Race Engineer and so on. Also, many of these options allow you to render the game's pitlane/on-track quick-menus and replay-control buttons/keys invisible, so memorizing all your button/keypress sequences in order 2 continue 2 use them while driving is a must b4 copying any files to f12013.

The following root folder and files are included:

Root folder name: BACKUP_FILES
+Branch folder name: frontend Filenames: b_osd_dlc.pssg and d_osd_dlc.pssg
+Branch folder name: Osd Filename: config.xml

To restore the game's standard OSD features:
b_osd_dlc.pssg and d_osd_dlc.pssg both go into your f12013\frontend folder

To restore the flags interface: config.xml goes into your f12013\Osd folder.

Explore the folder tree structure by opening each branch for features you think you would like to try in your game. Once at the end of any branch, you will find 2 folders: frontend & Osd, and 2 screenshot images you can double-click on to see how your on-screen display will look like if you choose to copy these folders to f12013.

All feedback welcome! And since this is a relatively big mod, if you find any glitch, please report so I can fix it and post an update.

Thanks to MAC-user modder NeoStuey who shared the techniques for making such OSD mods b4 not returning since April of last year.

Edited to add the link to the game's standard 2013-mode 64-options mod counterpart:

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This is just awesome, I love the slick style in classic mod, looks like a modern osd but keeps that classic feel, nice I like it a lot.

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