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Citroën C4 - ICE ONE Racing Räikkönen 2011 Finland

Citroën C4 - ICE ONE Racing Räikkönen 2011 Finland 1.0

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Car: Citroën C4
Team: ICE ONE Racing

This is a fantasy skin based on the DS3 ICE ONE Racing Car at Rally Finland 2011, for the Citroën C4 2010.

This is also my first skin, so I appreciate there is room for improvement.
Front and Top.jpg
Left Side.jpg
Right Side.jpg

I will not bear any responsibility for the misuse of this mod, or damage to your game.

Thanks for viewing!

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Thanks!! but for now..leave me alone #IKWIAD..
I like it a lot because it's really pretty :D Well done friend!
Should Be There
Should Be There
Thank you friend
excelente gracias!!!
Should Be There
Should Be There
Should Be There
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