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Circuito Internacional de Vila Real 0.1

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Thank you
Muito obrigado por esta espetacular e epico circuito. abracao e continua com o excelente trabalho :D
Do you have any tutorial about track conversion from rfactor to assetto? Please contact me aspacioquevuelco@gmail.com
Ah, man... I love this track in real life. It's an amazing circuit with amazing charming, southern european city scapes. It's also a technical circuit with some excellent turns and quite exciting for GTs and other types of vehicles. This rendition is, however, insufficient. The track seems to be quite well replicated and has some interesting details here and there but there's just soooooo much that's lacking. Almost all of the real surroundings are absent. Anyone who's been there in real life will be put off by the severe lack of surroundings. Most of the most iconic buildings and sights are missing (although it does have the Peugeot stand). Some of the textures used are also "outdated" and while it did look OK in rFactor, it looks sort of "cartoony" in AC. How I wished that a pristine, 100% faithful representation of this historic city circuit would exist for us to drive on... :(
Having said that all, let me finish by thanking you for bringing it onto AC. Better this Vila Real than no Vila Real, so two stars for doing it. Cheers!
Good convertion. Thanks you.
If you like convert track from RFactor, could you please work on Lienz track wich is one of the best track in RFactor !
Good start point! I've wanted this track in Assetto for a long time. Please keep improving the graphics, details, textures etc!