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"Circuit Gilles Villeneuve", Montréal, Québec, Canada 0.37

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Hey, its me Linolafett.
I am currently recreating the Circuit Gilles Villenueve from scratch for Assetto Corsa.
Please consider that this is a alpha version of the track, the graphics will improve. So please do not vote based on the graphics, thanks :)
Follow my Progress here on the official forums:

Known issues\things left to do:
- AI is work in progress (thanks to the people helping me here! (see readme.txt for credits)
- wip skidmarks
- all the textures may be subject to change
- no detailed terrain outside of the track
- no people or parked vehicles
- no LODS (if needed at all)

File size
81.7 MB
First release
Last update
4.81 star(s) 68 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Graphics update

    Hello again :) Changelog: - added 3D gras - added first version of groove texture (skidmarks...
  2. "Circuit Gilles Villeneuve", Montréal, Québec, Canada

    Thanks for the good feedback via the forums! Changelog: -smoothed out elevation in turn 4-5...
  3. "Circuit Gilles Villeneuve", Montréal, Québec, Canada

    Whats new? -changed asphalt friction to 0.99 (default was 1.0 ->the track is noticeable slower...
  4. "Circuit Gilles Villeneuve", Montréal, Québec, Canada [ALPHA 0.34]

    Changelog: -added advertisements around the track -changed grass texture -added commentatorsbox...

Latest reviews

Such a great racetrack, always very fun to race ! Thanks
Wow, without a doubt the best Montreal mod for Assetto Corsa. I really hope you can one day update the graphics and textures. This mod has so much potential it would be a shame if this is the last release
Holy ****, it looks amazing and feels very good too, I can't believe that this is not even a final version.
Well done! Only would like to see a more dark tarmac than it is now but otherwise really nice track!
Thanks! Waiting for full release!
amazing thanks !
great, thanks!!!
Incredible track! Just tested this with F1Mania's Formula 1 Car. Its awesome, althoug, in wondering, The DRS is active in all of the circuit.
That aside, awesome replication!
I would give track a 4 or 5 star if it would use a physical mesh. It feels too perfectly flat, like a pool table... otherwise, brilliant work.
Great looking track, looking forward to further updates!
Anyone having an issue i cant load the track for some reason, help appreciated
This pretty well but need to improve , first when I enter a loophole or a piano floor dirt particles out like you're driving through the grass.
Second you need to see and improve elevation changes on the circuit since it is nothing like that in that sense, and also you need to improve some corners as they are a bit strange and not too much like reality. Best luck and I hope that.

do you have any reference images, where you can point out your described issues?
I was at the racetrack one week ago and it felt pretty much like i expected it to be.
Maybe your feeling of it being wrong comes from a codemasters game? Their version of montreal is.. off.
Visually very good, but quite a sterile recreation of Montreal. Track is billiard-table smooth and very slippery, surely not accurate of this rarely used track? Good effort so far.
Very very good job.
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  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 0.37
Top notch indeed...Thank you very much!
Great job, many thaks for bringing this track to AC.
Extremely pleasant to drive on with Formula Renault. he he
The whole thing looks better every new version.
Professional track!
One small complaint : I wish there weren't countless billboards that say "Fly Emirates"... lol
Its one of those that deserved to be made into official content. Even if its not laserscanned, its trully a flawless reproduction of the real track. I remember back into early early access alpha assetto corsa, when lino started working on this track and back then it was already above the level of the other tracks been made, tho lacking a lot of details. The main difference was lino itself, who kept himself motivated all along, and kept updating his track, slowly although continuously ever since.
Its a masterpiece.
I tested it with 458 Italia and I must say that this circuit is a real masterpiece, well done, great details and good feeling. Some objects to add to feel more "real" and the job will be perfect! Grats!
sorry track wont load for me goes to loading screen and than back to the assetto theme
It's been a pretty long time since your last work :)

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