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"Circuit Gilles Villeneuve", Montréal, Québec, Canada 0.37

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Hey, its me Linolafett.
I am currently recreating the Circuit Gilles Villenueve from scratch for Assetto Corsa.
Please consider that this is a alpha version of the track, the graphics will improve. So please do not vote based on the graphics, thanks :)
Follow my Progress here on the official forums:

Known issues\things left to do:
- AI is work in progress (thanks to the people helping me here! (see readme.txt for credits)
- wip skidmarks
- all the textures may be subject to change
- no detailed terrain outside of the track
- no people or parked vehicles
- no LODS (if needed at all)


Latest updates

  1. Graphics update

    Hello again :) Changelog: - added 3D gras - added first version of groove texture (skidmarks...
  2. "Circuit Gilles Villeneuve", Montréal, Québec, Canada

    Thanks for the good feedback via the forums! Changelog: -smoothed out elevation in turn 4-5...
  3. "Circuit Gilles Villeneuve", Montréal, Québec, Canada

    Whats new? -changed asphalt friction to 0.99 (default was 1.0 ->the track is noticeable slower...

Latest reviews

thank you.
Thanks for making this! As a newer F1 fan I haven't seen this track yet so it's nice to give it a go before the race this weekend. No fans or anything so the track feels empty, but that's fine for getting to know the basics. Not sure how it would be in a real race but it's fun for practice.
It's really good! Hope you'll continue working on it!
a really good representation, just missing some details and the time is broken
Good feel but things like aesthetics need some work.
I like this track, but it seems like it needs a lot of work. I hope to see it finished. Please continue to work on it, I hope to see it included in some races some day! <3
Good but still needs an update.

- Too much unused areas on texture files (unite them or slice them for reducing file size)
- Skin-making is very hard (too many angles to be taken care of)
- Kerbs are too heavy on wheel.
- Some off-track areas are void-holes
- DRS Zones aren't quite right
- No props
+ Excellent Grass
+ Excellent Tarmac

The important ones are good enought to make this one is better than rest of. But to other stuff needs some attention too.

@Linolafett keep up the good work.
Such a great racetrack, always very fun to race ! Thanks
Wow, without a doubt the best Montreal mod for Assetto Corsa. I really hope you can one day update the graphics and textures. This mod has so much potential it would be a shame if this is the last release
Holy ****, it looks amazing and feels very good too, I can't believe that this is not even a final version.
Well done! Only would like to see a more dark tarmac than it is now but otherwise really nice track!
Thanks! Waiting for full release!
amazing thanks !
great, thanks!!!
Incredible track! Just tested this with F1Mania's Formula 1 Car. Its awesome, althoug, in wondering, The DRS is active in all of the circuit.
That aside, awesome replication!
I would give track a 4 or 5 star if it would use a physical mesh. It feels too perfectly flat, like a pool table... otherwise, brilliant work.
Great looking track, looking forward to further updates!