Circuit de Pau Historique 1967

Circuit de Pau Historique 1967 1.12

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2766 m
pitboxes : 24

Version 1.12

- holes in background and missing textures fixed
- new camera positions
- AI softened at the start race
Ginot Team
File size
71.7 MB
First release
Last update
4.69 star(s) 32 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. version 1.12

    - holes in background and missing textures fixed - new camera positions - AI softened at the...
  2. update 1.11 after comments

    - timing bug fixed ( missing lap in pit stop, hotlap and time attack ) - mini map bug fixed -...
  3. version 1.1

    new version

Latest reviews

Beautiful track, amazing! Thanks!
Thank =)
Thank you for this, and the updates. Really enjoying driving the BT24 on this track, very evocative especially when up against a field of Ferrari 312, BRM P83, Lotus 49 & 33, Cooper T81B, Eagle T1G, Honda RA300, McLaren M5A & M2B and the Matra-Ford MS7 :-)
Hope you can manage a wet track version one day. Hope you don't mind my suggesting that. It is just my wish for all tracks really.
Another great historic track. Great thanks a bunch.
Still need some fix, holes and texture missing. if you can fix them i can provide you a full ext_config with GrassFX, LightFX, RainFX perfectly working which elevate your work to the new AC standard for CSP ;)

Taka e look at the support section for more :)
Superb track thanks for reminding me to race it again. We have so many great tracks in AC that sometimes you just forget to race all of them.
0k Thank You
Changed my rating to 2 stars after the update. 2 because I like the layout of the track and would love to race it when it gets fixed...
excellent update. thanks for sharing this great track.
The track looks nice, with nice trackside ambience, but it has some problems for serious racing - a hole on the racing line that can throw a car, and a badly placed sector timing object which can drop a lap if you hit a particular barrier.
Good job, a download link Textures Pack is available in the Support section of the circuit.
Great off track scenery ! I used to drive this track in a GPL version and this is very nicely done.
Awesome track. Together with the 1974 layout, my favorite. You really get the feeling to drive through a city, without the big barriers on the sides. The roadfeel is also nice, some good bumps! Thank you very much mate
Very well done but the whole scene is a bit too dark
What a nice track!!! A must have.
Thank you very much
Je me suis crée un compte pour remercier le créateur de ce circuit. il est vraiment top. les versions 74 et 2017 aussi. Merci.
Comme Angus je vois qu'il y a Nogaro, je suis intéressé.
Super d'avoir ce circuit. Je vois sur la chaine que vous avez aussi fait nogaro, vous allez le mettre ici?
Very high quality and atmospheric.
Well done, all three.
Thank You.