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Circuit de Charade 2011 2015-02-28

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Circuit de Charade 2011

Original Circuit for rFactor by Kakushi "Pixsim"
Official website of the creator;

Conversion, modification and improvement Neel Jani

Thank Kakushi who gave me permission to convert circuit are worm rigs SimBin,

For this new version, I used the GTR2 version of Charade, 2009

Any changes are made from multiple video from the race of the Coupe de France tours, which is held on 2011-05-15 was from a large number of photo,

Details of the amendments;

Adding a large number of tree and shrub (Genet) for better immersion compared to reality,
Adding local advertising, found the photos and video
Changing the gateway, and added safety nets and barrier
Implementation and adding facilities for marshals
Adjusting the size of the shadow, which was too high in the 2009 version, and resulting decreases in FPS,
I also made a new horizon HD, made from a panoramic HD video in the region,
More addition of a small house two locations of the circuit, and view photos,

This version does not conflict with the previous (2006 & 2009)

thank you;

Kakushi "Pixsim" rfactor Version
SimBin for Race07
Simgarage 3DSIMED
Photoshop CS5

Dennis Phelan
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