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Circuit 24H Lemans 2017 2.05

Circuit de la Sarthe 24 hours of le mans 2017 2.0

  1. Actually fixed the pit lanes

    Tiago Lima
    - very sorry pit lanes actually fixed for all layouts (missing surfaces ini in some layouts data folders)
  2. New Physyics Mesh/Hole Fixes/Pit Lane Fix

    Tiago Lima
    - Updated Physics mesh...Little more life in some places - toned down in others...based on as many videos as i can consume
    - Fixed all holes (or i'm sure i have - sure you guys will find something else)
    - Pit lane and yellow flag issues fixed
    - Slight performance tweaks (Overall Dip should be a little lower)
  3. Holes fixed at Indianapolis and pit lane working correctly

    Tiago Lima
    - Pit lane limiter fixed
    - Holes fixed both sides at entry to Indianapolis
    - white lines tweaked again for better night lighting
  4. No chicane Night and Day layouts added back

    Tiago Lima
    - Fixed a couple of tree texture issues
    - Added both Night And Day No Chicane layouts
    - Added New AI Track boundaries for No chicane layouts

    all cameras and AI work as before
  5. Small Update Fixing Floating Gantries & Track lines lighting correctly at night

    Tiago Lima
    small update to fix
    - Misssing gantries
    - Fixed Track lines lighting incorrectly at night
  6. Circuit 24H Lemans 2017 version 2.0 by jim lloyd and Terra21

    Tiago Lima
    version 2.0 by jim lloyd and Terra21
    - Day And Night Versions Added
    - New AI Track limits defined (AI race and pass on straights - see below)
    - No penalties for running wide on straights (to encourage racing)
    - 56 pit boxes Added
    - Added Track edge transitions throughout
    - New Textures added throughout (kerbs, Road, grass etc etc)
    - Shader's Tweaked throughout (For Both Day and Night Versions)

    (All the other good stuff inc Physics mesh and the amazing heli cams work as before)...
  7. 1.2 (Final)

    Tiago Lima
    Because that's to my personal and work life I have no free time to work on the tracks so I decided to upload what I have.

    Thanks to everyone involved and everyone that helped

    In this updatr there are some fixes in the trees. added some track side objects and tweaked to the physical mesh to fix some parts

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  8. Geral bug & fixes

    Tiago Lima

    Update 1.1

    -Improved cameras
    -Changed ui image and name
    -Improved ai line
    -Improved tree shadow values
    -Improved some objects shaders
    -Fixed shaders of some objects in direct sun light situations
    -Improved lods in some section to help with performance
    -Improved grouping of objects in the pit areas to try to...
  9. 24 Hours of Lemans 2015

    Tiago Lima


    [COLOR=rgb(20, 20,...[/FONT]
  10. Circuit de la Sarthe 2015

    Tiago Lima


    [COLOR=rgb(20, 20,...[/FONT]
  11. Race Department update

    Tiago Lima


    1. 11.jpg
    2. 22.jpg
    3. 33.jpg
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  12. 1.0 version /Race department update

    Tiago Lima


    1. Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_gt3_lemans_29-7-2014-23-47-38.jpg
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  13. Curbs , roof

    Tiago Lima
    -Some new logos from the 2014 race
    -lower curb friction to make them more drivable
    -tweaked tree color and shader values
    -grand stand roof is now visible from underneth
    -tweked tarmac texture


    1. ksEditor_2014_07_28_09_48_10_323.jpg
    2. ksEditor_2014_07_28_09_48_23_016.jpg
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  14. Tree Update

    Tiago Lima
    -New trees all around the track
    -Tweaked tarmac texture
    -Tweaked grass texture
    -Reduced curbs friction
    -Improved reflection of some objects


    1. ksEditor_2014_07_26_08_44_05_250.jpg
    2. ksEditor_2014_07_26_08_45_12_223.jpg
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  15. Le mans update 0.9.5

    Tiago Lima
    -New trees on the tetre Rouge
    -tweaked tarmac color and side road's
    -tweaked grass texture
    -tweaked sand texture
    -tweaked all tree's shaders , no longer reflect sun ligth
    -grass now behaves like grass when you drive over it
    -fixed some object shaders ,some big , some small
    -changed folder and file name hopefully to fix the online problem
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  16. Circuit-de-la-sarthe update 0.9

    Tiago Lima
    Circuit-de-la-sarthe update 0.9


    New lines on road sides
    - Fixed "all" the holes on the mesh
    -Ai and cameras (thanks to Flashcrow)
    - assign grass was grass sand was sand etc
    - fix in some textures
    - fix the shaders in some objects
    - lower the curbs a bit
    - make on the strait the said roud ress gripy
    - brake marks on...
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  17. Update 0.8.3

    Tiago Lima
    Version 0.8.3 of the conversion

    -New Shader settings for ALL materials of the track

    - Fixed some of the holes to the infinite (let me know if you guys find more )

    -Some test trees in tertre rouge (they are still 2d lock :) )

    - Fixed invible Wall on the Second chicane

    - Improvement in some textures (guard rails etc )

    -The track is around 10 Mb bigger


    1. ksEditor_2014_06_17_13_36_28_279.jpg
    2. 11.jpg
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