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chuckwalla raceway

chuckwalla raceway .01

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I had a great time at this track and wanted to make this to practice on.

This is the first race track that I have made and I'm still learning on how to make it better.

This track works in multiplayer and single player practice mods. AI line was added as well.

Some of the track still needs some smoothing. Any feedback is welcome!
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Latest reviews

The track turns invisible for a good portion, and there's no start/finish/way to set lap times.
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It`s a bit basic but it actually works really well. Only problem is that the track turns completely transparent in the bowl. Still drivable albeit slightly confusing the first couple times. If you manage to fix that I´ll give you 5 stars.
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been looking for chuckwalla for a while! thanks so much
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screenshots please
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