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Chris Forsberg's 2015 Formula Drift Livery 1.0

Chris Forsberg, Formula Drift, FD, 2015, Nissan, 370Z,

  1. Lashen
    Chris Forsberg's 2015 Formula Drift Livery by 'Lashen'


    Driver :- Chris Forsberg
    Events :- Formula Drift (US Series)
    Replaces to :- livery_00 (Chris Forsberg Racing 2014 Livery)

    How to Install-

    Paste this folder(s) to 'Grid Autosport installation place/cars/models'

    *Don't forget to keep a back-up of the original files,before you add the new files.
    *If you like this livery,don't forget to Rate this!:);)

    Up-coming Liveries-

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    1.JPG 2-.JPG 3-.JPG 4-.JPG 5-.JPG 6-.JPG 7-.JPG 8-.JPG
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Recent Reviews

  1. Stanini
    Version: 1.0
    many thanks Lashen
    1. Lashen
      Author's Response
      you're welcome Stanini. Drift like a champion!! :D :D