Chevrolet Cruze TN Clase 3

Chevrolet Cruze TN Clase 3 1.3

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Amazing and I was also wondering if there would be any race cars of cruze because My 1st car is 2011 Chevy Cruze LS and I have had it nearly a month
Not bad at all ! thank you
nice work
thanks again
Great job !! excellent to drive ! thanks a lot !!
Very enjoyable to drive, as well as the Vento
the best category in the world
Excelente!!! Muchas gracias, el link para colaborar no funciona...
Gracias! corregido
Sin Palabras amigo!
Muy bueno!!
great car just needs some more skins
This car is a very well done FWD car. Much fun to drive. Great job, thank you !
Muy bueno
Great Mod
Whith Vento 20 stars. Best feeling FWD now.
Algún TN3 del 2010 - 2012 que tantos recuerdos traen de viejas carreras con el rfactor o actc te lo aplaudiría doble.
The car drives really well, the sounds are quite good, seemed a little loud to me though. You can really throw this thing around a track. So far my complaint and why it's 4 stars is the low res textures in some areas. Otherwise it's very nice! Keep up the good work! Are there any other cars to be added?
Al igual que el Vento, muy buen coche, super divertido. ¡Queremos más!
Alejo me encantó el Cruze, felicitaciones!!.
Cuales serán las próximas novedades?
A really nice car to drive and race :)
Este tambien esta epicardo
Very good mod, keep up the good work!
That's a bad *** little car.
Muy bien logrado el mod, tiene buena reaccion, el paso por curva es exelente, espero mas autos de la categoria, segui asi man