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CD Player Enchanced 1.1.3

Multiple CDs and MP3 support

  1. CD Player Enchanced 1.1.3

    • Fixed putting CDs back in cases.
    (Playmaker is total BS, it keeps messing with CDs)
  2. CD Player Enchanced 1.1.2

    Small bugfix:
    • Fixed "finding" cd player, should now work correctly when cd player is not purchased. (previously sometimes should cause infinite loop)
  3. CD Player Enchanced 1.1.1

    Small Update

    What's new:
    • Saving while CD is in player will not cause lost CD (it will load in case)
    • Reset CDs button (it will respawn all CDs and cases on kitchen table) CTRL + M > CD Player Enchanced > Mod settings > Reset CDs
  4. CD Player Enchanced 1.1

    Due to save file format change, CD and cases will be respawned on kitchen table
    What's new:

    • Updated for MSCLoader 0.4
    • Multiple CD cases
    • Previous track button (RMB on next track)
    • Extended format support (*.mp3, *.ogg, *.wav, *.aiff) you can have multiple formats on one CD.
    Due to problems original game CD and case is disabled.
  5. Small update

    • Empty CD information, when you try play cd without files.
    • CD spinning simulation (when eject, cd rotation will be random)