[CD] Alivieskan Local Radio top 5 of 1995 2017-12-09

Another CD mod that also features a custom cover art!

  1. Freeaccount-x86
    Alivieskan Local Radio - Top 5 of 1995

    This modification will add 5 new songs to your CD library!

    • 5 songs from the Alivieskan Local Radio are now on your CD
    • A custom cover art for the CD case (featuring a full playlist)!
    • 2 versions of the modification
    • track1.ogg = Ninjabaka - Burst
    • track2.ogg = Johannes Rojola - Lennetään Avaruustansiin
    • track3.ogg = Ninjabaka = Radio Chill
    • track4.ogg = karrkulture2
    • track5.ogg = Dieseli mersu raivoaa
    Why is there 2 versions of the mod?

    There are 2 .zip files in the .zip itself, why? Because I made it so! :p

    Clean.zip = This is the CD playlist itself, no cuts made.
    Normal.zip = This is the CD playlist which also includes a jingle from the Alivieskan Local Radio.

    Can I put a picture of my Satsuma on the CD cover?
    Sure, just don't upload it anywhere as if it was yours. And if you also want to change my name to yours (yes, I'll alow that too :p), here is the configuration used for the text in Paint.NET.
    • Font: Arial Black
    • Color: Yellow (the one that's pre-set in the color palette)
    • Background: Pure black
    • Text size: 10 or 8, not sure anymore
    • Underline

    More CD mods coming soon! For now, just use this one.

Recent Reviews

  1. peppiniello
    Version: 2017-12-09
    don't start
    1. Freeaccount-x86
      Author's Response
      Do you mean that the songs don't play? Are you sure you've unpacked it correctly and loaded the songs into the game? For any technical issues, please use the "support" tab.
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