Caterham Seven 165 | 2013

Caterham Seven 165 | 2013 1.1

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Slightly slower than the 1700ss with its missing cylinder and tiny wheels (155/65r14), a bit newer (2013 vs 1995) and still enjoyable to drive! A nice way to learn how to drift gently :)

Lot of work taken from the 1700ss. But also new features with analog instruments. New alloys, new interior and updated suspension area.
With this 165 out of the way, i can go back to work on the Academy ;)

Also available
1700ss -
Academy 2017 -
Fictional R500 -
420R Race Specs -





♦♦ Templates ♦♦
Available here: - 6mo

♦♦ Credits ♦♦
3D model, Textures >> @Ben O'Bro
Physics >> @JackCY, @ltcars
Sound 660cc >> @DTM1120

♦♦ TO-DO ♦♦
sound ? Please feel free to change it with Content Manager if you don't like it!
Any comments welcome in the support thread

Known issues
- Steering at maximum when using pad may cause a hand to fly!

♥♥ Merci ♥♥
Thanks to the few betatesters :)
Merci @Puduku, @JoaquimSenna, @JackCY, @After_Midnight, @AlleyViper, @garyjpaterson, @hal4000, @Mr.Mugel, @Leonardo Ratafiá
And the RD comminuty for help & support as always!

♦♦ Disclaimer ♦♦
Please... if you want to share this mod, only share the link to this RaceDepartement page!
And of course, please do not modify, copy or upload any part of this mod without my persmission.

Lot of hours went into it so we hope you enjoy it!

From Geneva
With ♥

Ps: if you were to enjoy it that much and wanted to say thank you, feel free! Beers will be shared by the team :)

Latest updates

  1. ai hotfix + new Sound 660cc !

    - New Sound ! Credit goes to aoitori_jpn (@DTM1120) and his Alto 660cc :) Perfect match for the...
  2. LHD/RHD + physics update

    first of all thanks to @aphidgod for reviewing and helping with some physics. We spent the...

Latest reviews

Hey man, I finnaly got my hands on this crazy awesome 3-banger! Never in my life I wanted 80hp car so much as I want this one now Pure joy generator, I salute your talent! And now traditionally a bit of spam:
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A great addition if you like me have a soft spot for under 1000cc road cars. It was both slower and more challenging than I expected. There are not a lot of modern cars it will keep up with. If you are careless on corner entry it will try to murder you - in the best sense of the term!
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I really like to drive this, and want to own this car. Beware downshifting into a corner though! =D
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Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
дякую ;)
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It's good thank you.
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Great mod just wish it didn't have that sound every gear shift
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take a ride at laguna sega : magic
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This car is simply a joy to drive... i don't give ratings usually but this deserves it.
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look great, feels great, sounds great, drive like an eager beagle. love it!
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Seeing these beautiful works is always a joy for the eyes. My father owns a 430R, the driveability that I have to say is identical, fun, fast and light as the real that I can confirm. The guys work as usual, keep it up and I'm waiting for the other 430R, 620R and Supercup versions. Greetings to everyone!
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Nice update! but we all still want a RHD Version of the Academy 2017 version ^^
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
Thanks :) turning a lhd to a rhd takes me an hour. But it also makes things double afterwards if I have things to change or improve...
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My favorite Caterham in AC. Best handling, best fun.
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Brilliant job Great fun Thanks to all involved for such a fantastic,fun car
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Brilliant. Just Perfect car to drive on tight track.
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One of the most enjoyable cars to drive in AC, hands down.
It's almost unbelievable how much fun you can have with so little HP! :)
Thanks a bunch for this one!
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I have no complains.
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4/5, just because i m waiting the evolution of this excellent mod ( template for skining as a real "7 cup" ), thx a lot to share , a real pleasure to drive and a very nice look
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
thank you for the few words:) find template in description!
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What this car lacks in horsepower it makes up in pure fun! A true must have!
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Ben O'Bro
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