Caterham Roadster 500 1.3

R500 engine, 250bhp, 500kg++, deadly rocket

  1. Physics + polishing

    Ben O'Bro
    • aero (previous was my mistake rolling wrong version XD)
    • physics tweaks
    • more settings in setup, open diff - Jack setup included
    • mirror flipped fixed
    • tyre tex flipped fixed
    • LED brake light stronger (lod a & b updated)
    • AI fixed
    • skin tweaks
    • anim shifting sequential
    • good luck driving this thing ;)
  2. Aero & physics

    Ben O'Bro
    • engine LUT less powerful, but matching R500 engine (previous was closer to a 620r)
    • street tyres added (not really useful !)
    • AERO redone
    • windshield option in setup under [Generic]
    • Lights !! + brake light. And dashboard for night mod.
    • one setup included, more tame animal
    • few more skins
    • fixed mirror mapping (thx correca & gary)
    • thank you the few beta testers!!
    have fun ;)

    ps @Nico...
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