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  • Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Votes: 156 32.5%
  • rFactor 2

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  • iRacing

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Caterham Academy 2020

Caterham Academy 2020 1.5

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00 academy motorsport championship.png

2020 Specs

3D model, Textures >> @Ben O'Bro
Research & physics >> @JackCY
Sound >> kunos


7mod_170917_academy_07.jpg 7mod_170917_academy_01.jpg 7mod_170917_academy_02.jpg 7mod_170917_academy_06.jpg

Some nice races in CaterhamRacer with great commentators :

♦ S K I N S ♦
Skin Package now available here

♦ Templates ♦
1.5 : http://benobro.org/RD/academy_template1.5.psd.7z
http://benobro.org/RD/bo_caterham_license_plate.zip (font included)

♦ Disclaimer ♦
Please... if you want to share this mod, only share the link to this Race Department page!
And of course, please do not modify, copy or upload any part of this mod without my permission.

Lot of hours went into it so we hope you enjoy it!

From Ben & Jack
With ♥

NB: if you were to enjoy it that much and wanted to say thank you, feel free! Beers will be shared between Jack & i

Latest updates

  1. 3D model 1.5

    A partly remade version of the model, mostly optimized for i hope better performance. (less...
  2. Material Edit (online compatible)

    - ONLINE COMPATIBLE with previous version - so no worries if the server still runs the Academy...
  3. visual fixes

    physic is untouched less objects! in all the LOD (pain to do ...) - for hopefully better...

Latest reviews

Thank you very much for this mod, I did a little 10 laps race at Brand Hatch (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe1f_EJTMR4), and it's really one of the funniest and nice assetto corsa's mod for me. :)
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A Real Blast!!!!!!! So much fun. and beautiful. and FUN!!!!
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It is a joy to drive. Excellent physics! And I'm getting much better fps now. Thank you so much!
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
glad to hear about fps, that was the purpose of the work done ! This and better skin compatibility between academy & 420r. The physics are still the same by the way :D
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Better than ever. Thanks!
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One of THOSE mods...nothing else to say.
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Not just super, Super 7
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0k =) Thank You ;)
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Fantastic cars, excellent all round
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A real pleasure to drive
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a wonderful little car, very friendly to the driver, while it looks and sounds brutal. thanks to the author for the excellent work.
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I've had so much fun with this car. Comparing it to the real thing by watching onboard footage of actual races really shows you how much effort has gone into this. Great job.
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Amazing Mod, Thank you !
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
Hey glad you like it :) We're working on finishing it by the way... cheers for the beers !
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excellent in brands hatch & silverstone.
thanks you for this péesent.
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Great mod, in conjunction with the various British track mods and a VR headset it brings back great memories of doing track days in my own Caterham-esque kit car.

On that subject have you thought about doing a variant with a motorcycle engine? Caterham themselves made a model with a Fireblade engine that weighed under 400kgs and quite a few have been converted using Suzuki Hayabusa engines. I've had a go at making a tune myself with rudimentary weight, gearing and engine output changes but I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of AC car mod creation so I'm sure it could be massively improved upon.
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Superb. Best Caterham out there. Thanks, 10 out of 10 in VR.
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0k Muchas Gracias ;)
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5 thumbs up
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Ben O'Bro
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