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Caterham Academy 2017 0.93

Official 2017 car with season skins

  1. visual fixes

    Ben O'Bro
    • physic is untouched
    • less objects! in all the LOD (pain to do ...) - for hopefully better performance
    • momo on the steering is now part of the mesh, preventing from clipping from distance and on large tracks
    • same clipping issue solved with rear fog light
    • dash_cam fixed for LHD
    • flying steering should be gone as well (dummy place was wrong)
    • & don't forget the skins ;) https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/caterham-academy-2017-skins.20545/
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  2. Visual updates (no physics changes)

    Ben O'Bro
    Few fixes & updates (no physic change)
    • Improvement of the number of objects, hoping for better performance!
    • fog lights glass fixed + (center race light) no longer a brake light (as per official regulation)
    • no more rev lights (sorry, official regulation, but it's coming on the 420r! =)
    • Hierarchy RHD/LHD
    • Skins deleted (2 left) and now available here with a bonus one :...
  3. LHD+RHD+few more skins

    Ben O'Bro
    • RHD finally here ;) with Miles speedo for our british friends!
    • Skin template is the same for both LHD and RHD :thumbsup:
    • fixed analog data matching digital (rpm & speedo) (merci Jacques for noticing!)
    • changed previews of the car using : http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/retrolux-previews.19329/
      @Retrolux did a great job! Let's enjoy it, cars are looking far less plastic! (ironic for a caterham i know XD)...
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  4. sound fix + details

    Ben O'Bro
    • sound switched to the Abarth Assetto Corse (previous was street version and was giving issues)
    • oil pressure & water temp gauge fixed
    • couple more skins
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