Caterham 420r RACE / R300

Caterham 420r RACE / R300 0.7

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September 2018 : I lost quite a lot of data burning two hard drive yesterday
and most of my recent work on the caterham is gone
since i'm not sure i can recover it at all
i thought i'd release this one with the last files i have in AC folder, in its unfinished state

capture cm.JPG

it has lod A & B
data.acd i also left data folder open
sound is from Praga

template + 2020 decals :
check existing skins to get an idea

Skin pack :

Voila hope people can still have fun with it
Be warned, not sure i will ever update anything on it !! (and the others for that matter)


420race_180311_02.jpg 420race_180311_03.jpg 420race_180311_01.jpg

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Ben O'Bro
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Gracias =)
Just amazing thanks so much for taking the time to make this.
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
hey no pb, my pleasure ! I'm glad it's been put to good use and that you guys enjoy it ! :) Cheers
This is one of the best mods that I ever tried. So much fun driving this cars. If we could have more skins to make a proper grid it would be superb. Many thanks!
Love the car, but I can't for the life of my get enough heat in the tyres. I have crancked outside temperatures up to max, but even after 5 laps of slides and tyre smoke, the tyres are at best luke-warm.
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
hey thanks for the review.
To be honest i can't remember much about the tyres... but i do remember that issue
when things get back to normal. If they ever do... we're planning on making it 1.0... someday hopefully !
I love this car too much to leave it like this. Just that i lost the 3D files last year, so it's an annoying work now to recover and rip my own work. Lot of things are broken :(
How cool. Balance seems realistic. Car needs more power, have seen dyno showing 205bhp per Caterham own rolling road nr Thurrock. Revs limited to 7500 in real life. Slip streaming needs a bit more effect. AI need to get a lot closer to each other. When we race its nose to tail. Having said all that this puts the hairs up on my spine and brings back fond memories. Yes some of the named drivers are that aggressive in real life!! Cheers.
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
hey glad people still enjoy this :)
i wish i had time and knowledge to finish this in 1.0
some day... maybe not XD
in the meantime, we put as much real life value in it as we found. And the power is per restriction :)
i have the model for the 420 street, which would have 210bhp, but same story, needs time and knowledge...
Top Thank you !
Fabulous 5 star car. I've been driving the manual H pattern version as sequential doesn't feel right in a 7. I know the sequential is accurate, but I can't feel connected to such a communicative car without flicking through a proper box.

Car is so planted and will only oversteer at the limit of grip. It's pretty easy to catch, but can also catch you out.

This car on a twisty track that you know by heart is a joy.

I'm still not sure why there wasn't a Kunos Caterham 7 or a Radical of some flavour... This car remedies that situation.

Thank you for making it.
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
hey thanks for your time writing a review ;)
the idea when it's done (when it's done), is to have the 420r as it is now, + a R300 (which is the previous version of the 420r, same power, but with manual gearbox)
Superb mod, a must have!!!
Amazing. Driving this around the Schleife is some of the best fun you can have in a virtual car
Just Excellence
Really excellent job and car. Great handling and fun to drive. Only one point, the ai should be stronger, no probs to get first from last in imola within 3 laps on 100% strength in imola. I'm not the fastetst guy out there, so i don't think its my driving ;-)
great car mod, looks fab. However it does not seem to work via stick shift, only paddles? Is this something you can fix? Paddles in a caterham just seems wrong!
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
as per regulation : "Developed from the original R300 race car, the Seven 420R is equipped with a Sadev sequential gearbox."
that's why you have the data folder as an option to change it, edit the drivetrain.ini in the data folder
but it won't be compatible online.
Excellent mod great work ,keep it up
A W E S O M E mod ! Thanx
Great fun, thanks a lot for your work !
This is the best mod i've ever raced. Im not exagerating, i just had the best race ever with these cars. You've put dev teams to shame with your work. Keep it up!! Ps, are there anymore skins in the community at all?
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
thanks :) so far no skins i think, but i'm planning on making some more officials when i get free time!
Just excellent in any way: Steering/feel/roadholding/oversteeriness in a good way and graphically top notch! Thanks!
Maybe your best mod, Trackday on the Nordschleife is an experience. Thank you for your work.
This has come a long way since the early version I was gifted, and I thought that was pretty good. This thing is an absolute blast and I would agree with the previous Feldberg comment, great combo.
a fantastic car ,genius in combination with Feldbergring . thank you !!
3D, sounds and handling are superb.
Great Thanks
Super job sir! Thanks again.
Gorgeous car and definitely my favourite out of all of your Caterhams. Too much power (but only just) combined with great handing makes this fantastic to drive on long, twisty tracks / roads. The inclusion of the data folder also enabled me to modify the drivetrain.ini so I could use my h-shifter rather than paddles. Thanks for all your hard work!
Ben O'Bro
Ben O'Bro
Glad you like it! I think i like this one a bit more too, it is like all the improvements i made on the others, gathered into one car. A bit more power, a bit more slidy, but more manageable than the R500 ! I prefer h shifter too, but wanted to make it like the real thing
Wow, just WOW, nice one Ben just a top notch mod.
Good Lord... this lovely little beast is just wonderful. What a car.
Thanks Ben, it's a pity about the data loss, hope you can continue your work.
great mod!!!!!
Epic car Ben and sorry to hear of the HDD crash. Hope it doesn't put you off mate
Sorry to hear about your troubles. But finished or not, this car is a gem! It's so much fun I'm sure it's criminal!
It's excellent. Everything feels right about this car. It's a real pleasure to drive too.
I hope you can recover your data. Good luck!
Awesome car mate!

This car IMO is your best... A nice amount of power...
And a little more manageable than your epic R500.

I am, as I'm sure many other people are, really sorry to hear of your hardrive failure :(
I seriously hope you can recover all of your Caterham data.
Very good looking car - many thanks for this! :)
Excellent stuff, as usual - all your Caterhams are one of the best mods in AC. Sorry to hear about your HDD...
Excellent ! Très bonnes sensations. Merci
Excellent work, thanks a lot for sharing it ! ;-)