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Caterham 2014 - CT05 1.0

Caterham 2014 - CT05

  1. kevin345ize
    This is the 2014 Caterham - CT05 skin, not everything would work


    1.Caterham logo on the left and right side of the nose did not

    2.rider number is the second logo of the nose and not the first

    3.De top of the rear wing is green and not black

    4.In the mirror is a logo, do not get him off

    For the rest, he succeeded well :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Dávid Dzema
    Dávid Dzema
    Version: 1.0
    MCG or McGregor is not Caterham sponsor in 2014. Other is good :)
    1. kevin345ize
      Author's Response
      I can fix it :D
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