Castrol Racing #46 2018-01-16

Studio 397 Callaway GT3

  1. Doug62
    A fictional one to help add color to your grid.
    Install; Extra to rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings\Callaway_Corvette_GT3_2017. You may need to create a folder in your settings folder named Callaway_Corvette_GT3_2017. Extract into this folder.

Recent Reviews

  1. sp65
    Version: 2018-01-16
    Good idea I like thank you.
  2. Nate Lupson
    Nate Lupson
    Version: 2018-01-16
    Awesome Livery, great reimagining of the 2001 TOM'S Castrol Supra, works really well on the Corvette.
  3. Highlandwalker
    Version: 2018-01-16
    Nice skin but this one is also black for me. I have downloaded the Merc skins and they work fine when extracted and loaded into photoshop. The problem is only with the Callaway skins, some thing must have changed with your work method but I afraid I am unable to suggest what may have changed. I hope you can work out what changed. Thanks.
    1. Doug62
      Author's Response
      The only thing that's change is I'm using the new Intel DDS plug-in instead of the nVidia one. Some of the AMG cars are also saved using it. Why the Callaway isn't working it a mystery. I"ve had no other reports of this from anyone else. I've send you a PM with a link to this car, one saved using the Intel and one using the nVidia. I need you to test them. I can't fix a problem I'm not getting myself.
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