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Castle Combe Circuit

Castle Combe Circuit 2

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WIP Castle Combe Modern Layout

Original RF2 Mod Done By DIGGA
By Mistake thought it was Lasercutter. Sorry Digga if we new it was yours woulda asked you first..

Thanks to One of Exiled Virtual Motorsport's Members RikKat
For all his hard work on this. A few of us have been trying to get it done for a while and he comes in and saves the day.

Slowly doing some updates But for now it is to the point you can race and drive it

Tested with the Members at Exiled Virtual Motorsports
visit exiledvirtualmotorsports.co.uk

fixed black Pit wall
Removed some static objects in sky
Added replay cameras

Next update is better textures

26 pit Boxes

Please leave a Comment if you find any bugs.. and we will try and fix them.

Latest updates

  1. Castle Combe V2

    WIP Castle Combe Modern Layout Original RF2 Mod Done By Lazercutter Thanks to One of Exiled...

Latest reviews

My local track :D
Excellent fun track to drive around. However, any possibility of the full un-neutered no-chicanes historic version please?
My new go-to track for testing new cars. Really enjoy this track.
The overall shape is ok, however there are some changes needed to make it right.

Avon rise after the first corner needs to be much steeper and the car bounces around on this in real life and really leans hard on left side suspension trust me I know broken shafts there in real life.

Trees are needed on left section of the track to obscure the entry into quary corner.
need better replay cameras
my local track, doesn't feel quite right here, very flat and feels wide with corners sharper than they actually seem, but as close as I can get without a 20 min drive ;)
thanks for the update.
Pitlane (i.e. limiter) still does not end at the line.
No hotlap starting point (only from pits but pointing in the wrong direction).
But I really do like the layout.
Keep up the good work!

test race 6L with v2 (couldn't spot any difference... :)
very good thx
Thank you.
Another favourite comes to life.
Nice! Thanks for share! https://youtu.be/Nt5otfJ0A_s
interesting layout because of several blind corner.
mod is good, some minor things could be improved.
Maybe give a screen shot or video in description.
here a 4lap race
For the beginning , not bad , but a lot to do , the lines on the road are hazy. Bad grass and straw bales textures. Better replay,s . Thanks for the work until here , looking forward to the updates
Looks good, awesome performance, but... well, still early detail, so try to keep it till v1.0 ;)
Nice one, MrMcphisto! ;-)
Excellent track, going to be some great battles on a flowing circuit. Great job
great track but be sure to add extras lol along the way
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