Castellfollit - Gravel Rally Stage 0.2

A Catalunya fast rally stage near Igualada, placed in a elevated zone.

  1. Tokki43
    Feedback pls, thank you
    It's a very early mod, a Dirt Rally stage with fast cornering and deep interiors, where you can go flat out through the crests and blind corners.
    It's a real road.
    I need help with the reflection of the track, how can i make it opaque like the rest of the map?
    I need rally specified xpacks, if anyone have them please send it to me to improve the mod, thank you!

    You can help me to create more and better tracks here:

    Captura1.JPG Captura2.JPG Captura3.JPG Captura4.JPG
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jordi Oliva
    Jordi Oliva
    Version: 0.2
    Del boix? :) layout seems interesting but its difficult to follow it, keep working on it, i'm sorry I cant help you,thanks for sharing/ gracies per compartir la teva feina
    1. Tokki43
      Author's Response
      siiii Castellfollit del Boix, the start of the stage is near the start of the Castellfollit tarmac stage.
      Merci tiu!! El tram esta en beta beta encara
  2. iTzPolipolo
    Version: 0.2
    Buen mod, eres español? you're spanish? si lo eres, podrias hacer el circuito de kart de castelloli, es una maravills!
    1. Tokki43
      Author's Response
      Está en la lista hahaha si soy de cerca de este tramo xD
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