Cars Tokai Dreams 28 McLaren MP4-12C GT300 (Super GT) 1.0

Inspire from last year Super GT race car

  1. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa
    Feature :
    - Yellow Lights
    - Super GT Windshield
    - Yokohama Advan tire

    Issues :
    - no " EVA01 TEST" sponsor in fender because haven't find very good quality pict.
    - Different Numberplate placement in hood.
    - Some sponsor have a different style, but they're still same brand.
    - Problems in Showroom if directly Car Skin in use (Solution: switch back and forth Carskin)

    Pict :

Recent Reviews

  1. jgiova
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic skin!!! Great job man :)
  2. Raphael Kionka
    Raphael Kionka
    Version: 1.0
    Best Skin for the MP4-12C GT3! Thank you very much.
  3. Aitor Martín
    Aitor Martín
    Version: 2014-02-22
    Great looking skin, thanks!
  4. karina-moskva
    Version: 2014-02-22
    Excellent ! Thanks !
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