Career Mode 3rd Season Modpack File 1 1.1

Including Faces, Driver Transfers, Skin Packs for all teams, New Teams

  1. MustartMatters
    This is a joint venture mod made by Arvaimate001 and I.
    This mod is the most immersive and complete season 3 fantasy modpack, with tonnes of features.
    This is File 1 out of 2, because the mod is too big to be in 1 file.
    File 2:
    Faces, Driver Transfers, Skin Packs for all teams, New Teams
    Feature 1: Faces.

    All drivers have their existing faces along with faces that look closest to the actual driver. For example, Sergio Perez won't look like Kimi Raikkonen.
    Pascal Wehrlein, Force India
    Sergio Perez, Scuderia Ferrari
    Feature 2: New Drivers
    Here is the driver lineup for this modpack:
    Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg
    Ferrari: Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Perez
    Audi Red Bull Racing: Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo
    Renault Sport: Nico Hulkenberg, Sergey Sirotkin
    Williams: Valtteri Bottas, Lance Stroll
    Force India: Esteban Ocon, Pascal Wehrlein
    Toro Rosso: Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz
    Scuderia Alfa Romeo: Antonio Giovinazzi, Charles Leclerc
    Haas F1 Team: Alexander Rossi, Romain Grosjean
    Manor Mercedes: Jordan King, Alex Lynn
    McLaren: Stoffel Vandoorne, Fernando Alonso

    NOTE: This is a fantasy transfer pack, not all will agree with these transfers, so please no hate :D
    Explanation/News Clippings (transfers)
    Mercedes have retained both of their drivers for the 2018 season despite the increasing tension between the two drivers.
    Ferrari have rolled the dice and have put their faith in Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel, with Kimi's eventual departure happening at the end of last season.
    The newly branded Red Bulls have kept their driver lineup for this year, with Horner stating that it's best for them to work with drivers that they're familiar with.
    Renault were impressed with Hulkenberg's help with their efforts last year and have kept him for this season, with them signing Rookie Sergey Sirotkin-who did significant amounts of testing last year, alongside the German.
    Williams have kept Bottas and Stroll for this year, having been impressed by the pair. Force India have turned into a "Mercedes B team" recently with both of their drivers a part of the Mercedes Academy, who are Pascal Wehrlein and Esteban Ocon. Pierre Gasly showed potential last season and has been placed into Toro Rosso to continue his development, Carlos Sainz has renewed his deal and will stay for a 4th season at Toro Rosso. Sauber, who have been bought out by Ferrari, and is now Scuderia Alfa Romeo, have promoted Giovinazzi and Leclerc to a full time F1 seat. Haas F1 Team have fulfilled their dream in having an American driver by signing Alexander Rossi, who raced with Andretti Autosport last year in the Verizon Indycar Season. He will race alongside Romain Grosjean. Manor Mercedes have signed Lynn and King, both of who have been involved with the team. Lynn has tested with Manor and Lynn raced with Manor's WEC team previously. Manor, who have teamed up with Mercedes, were looking to sign Mercedes talent. But with Ocon and Wehrlein needing a drive higher up the grid, and with other prospects not ready, they have decided to sign an all british lineup and go ahead with Manor's initial driver lineup before the partnership. Maximillian Günther and Mick Schumacher will be looking to impress in gp3 to earn a seat next season. McLaren have kept Fernando Alonso, who has decided against retirement. Nyck De Vries will instead spend this season as a reserve driver, and will race with Docomo Team Dandelion racing in the Super Formula series. Nyck will be looking to impress in the Honda powered car after a disappointing season in GP2.
    Stoffel Vandoorne has been impressive and has been kept for this season.
    Feature 3: New teams
    Ever since Red Bull's relationship with Renault broke down in 2015, they have been looking for a new engine supplier who will supply first class engines to make them a works team, and not a customer team. Audi have been developing their f1 engines for 3 years and have joined Red Bull, to start a new era for both Audi and Red Bull.
    With a massive lack of funds and another year at the back, we all thought that we would lose Sauber completely. But Ferrari, who have been wanting to start a team to develop talent, have bought out all of Sauber's assets and will run under the name of Scuderia Alfa Romeo. The team will act like a Ferrari B team, just like Toro Rosso.
    Manor have struck an improved engine deal with Mercedes and have teamed up with AMG to become Manor Mercedes, the team will be used to develop Mercedes young talent, but with Ocon and Wehrlein requiring drives higher up the grid, the team has decided to go ahead with the team's initial driver plans before the partnership started. The team will keep it's original name for this season but the car will race with Mercedes colours. The team will become Manor-Mercedes for next season in 2019.
    Feature 4:Skin Packs (FILE 2)
    Arvaimate001 and I have been spending a lot of time making new skins for the whole grid.
    Arvaimate has made all the skins for Red Bull and Alfa Romeo, and the skins include the garages and overalls too!
    To download these crucial files, look for the file 2 version of this mod.
    20161031104524_1.jpg 20161101195547_1.jpg 20161101224215_1.jpg 20161102204739_1.jpg 20161102214250_1.jpg 20161102214306_1.jpg 20161102220408_1.jpg
    Feature 5: Helmets
    Vandoorne's and Gasly's helmets are included, but not all the drivers have new helmets. Please give us a shout if you want to make us helmets, we will credit you! And we will massively appreciate it.

    Arvaimate001, mmpaw, Dimitar Vitanov.
    Car performances-WIP, performances are in this mod, but they aren't finished and the differences might not be active, I am still working on this and this will be included in version 2.0.

    Arvaimate and I hope that you will enjoy this massive mod, suggestions and reviews are welcome!
    We will immediately start working on a season 4 modpack! So stay tuned and all the best to your career modes!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Wago
    Version: 1.1
    I dont know how to install jajaja, could you tell me the steps to install?
    1. MustartMatters
      Author's Response
      jJAJAJAJAJAJ Read the readme.
  2. Patison67
    Version: 1.1
    I love this mod!!
    1. MustartMatters
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it!
  3. destinationriver
    Version: 1.0
    Well, basicly I like it. But there are so many things...
    1. The helmets. It would be cool if you could change at least, that the drivers keep their helmets. Now, Hülkenberg at Renault is still using Palmers helmet and the green helmet is still at Force India.
    Vandoornes helmet is fine, but the others... and yes, there is already a helmet for Ocon (and his face).

    2. Numbers. Would be cool if you could change the numbers of the car (I know thats not your work, but you could tell the creator of the skins^^). There is already a mod which added Vandoornes 47, so it should be also possible with the others (correct me, if I'm wrong).

    But all in all I like it, keep going!
    1. MustartMatters
      Author's Response
      Most numbers should be there, however some numbers are kept as this mod is based on the season 2 years from now, meaning the numbers would be vacant.
      I have made a helmet pack, the helmets are my by myself and the quality might not be amazing but theyre helmets after all.
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