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Career Helmets (DDS, MIX) 2013-09-30

All of my career helmets in one pack.

  1. Adamstar71
    Career helmets:

    1. Helmet: Tomizawa helmet
    2. Helmet: Daijiro Kato - Blue-Red-Yellow edition
    3. Helmet: Daijiro Kato - Blue-Yellow-Dark Blue edition
    4. Helmet: Daijiro Kato - Blue-Silver edition
    5. Helmet: Daijiro Kato - Blue-Red-White edition (He never used it, I created only for my design!)
    6. Helmet: Simoncelli AGV edition
    7. Helmet: Simoncelli Nolan Edition

    You can use the DDS files, or the MIX file.

    extract the Gfx.mix file to your main mgp13 directory and let overwrite

    for more advanced users use mixfile
    extrackt the Folder to your extracted Gfx.mix folder (let overwrite)and recompile
    (only the modded files are included in this folder)
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