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Car Radar 1.4

Mini map app with rotations and car dimensions

  1. Fade Mode update


    Little update allowing users to turn off fade when the cars going beyond defined range. "Smooth Fade" button toggles between fade and on/off.

    Fixed a bug where your own car was being shown unnecessarily, big thanks to Baikal for his help on this!

    Also, some minor optimisations (maybe), removed transparent cars that were being sent to render.

    I moved the config folder to a place matching ACs template in the main installation folder so it is now, C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\Documents\Assetto...
  2. Aaaaaaaaah!!

    Python you're killing me!

    Thanks to all the brave souls who update on the day i release and help me fix it :)
  3. Im an idiot

    now, with all the files you need!
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  4. Blue Flag fix

    Fixed a problem where blue flags were shown on first lap after a qualifying session. Thanks to Baikal for spotting that :)
    Sorry to those having to redownload, hopefully I have sorted all the issues now! As always, let me know if you spot any problems please, testing on my own is difficult!

    Cheers, Del
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  5. Blue Flags!

    I present to you the blue flag update! Cars which you should be letting passed with the minimum of fuss will appear blue on the radar (if you so wish)
    -I've tried testing this as much as I can, however, keep me posted if you notice anything untoward
    -I know it doesn't work correctly if you join a race session half way through online - Can't figure out a way round this sorry

    Cheers! Del

    P.S App Icons in main download now :)
  6. Proximity Mode & Simple Mode

    Proximity mode colours your opponent's car the closer it gets to you, this warning indicator should allow for closer and safer racing. Mode is optional for all the purists out there.

    This update also brings a new graphic option for those struggling for fps - Simple Mode! Rectangles will be drawn instead of full car shapes greatly reducing the number of triangles rendered by the interface, so hopefully you will see a boost in frames.

    Other fixes
    • Fade now working correctly for...
  7. Fade Fix

    Disabling fade on angle for the moment - sorry for double update, still in development!
    If the app was working how you liked, you don't need this update
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  8. More Options!

    Added requested options
    • range, choose to display other cars closer/further
    • angle, can hide cars in front of you if you wish
    ..for the next update after this, i'll look at coloured indicators hopefully. Won't be for a couple of weeks though
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  9. Replay functionality

    App now shows correct car during replay
    Removed grey box when waiting for cars to generate
    Added more outline colours, this way you can hide the outline, if you wish, by matching it to the main colour
  10. Hotfix

    Fix for creation of config directory/file
  11. Hurray

    Finished my initial plan - and uploaded the correct file this time :D
  12. Config Update

    Hey, some new stuff!
    • Scaling options
    • Colours
    • Car shape generation now more robust - bottleneck protection
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  13. App Placement Improved

    • Now when app is clicked, it renders your car and shows a radar 'blip'
    • slightly increased area in which other cars are shown