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Car Radar 1.52

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I was looking for an excuse to learn some python/mesh stuff, and i love AC so it was a perfect match! So I present to you the originally named "Car Radar"!

Installation - Merge assettocorsa folder in zip file with main assettocorsa installation folder

Features -
  • Car shapes on mini map
  • Working rotations relative to player
  • Fade in/fade out (optional)
  • Config options - size, colour, angle, range, etc
  • Low gfx setting
  • Proximity mode showing how close cars are through colour
  • Blue Flags
  • Blind spot warning flags
  • Background
Known Problems -
  • Ford Mustang 2015 collider skewed (thanks Kunos :p)
  • Some car outlines have a few extra lines
  • Please report any you find in the support thread!
  • Will take some fps, make sure you raise your fps cap, the app is drawn after the fps cap is applied
  • If app fails to load, try deleting config.txt in Documents/AssettoCorsa/Apps/CarRadar
Thanks to Yan Bissonette for his crazy driving/testing help, without him I wouldn't have needed to make this app. Also thanks to Esotic for all his tips and ideas, and to Deswribilator for his awesome icons!

This has now taken me many, many hours to complete, so if you'd like to buy me a beer, I'd love it!

Donate to me here!

Del / Blorg
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4.85 star(s) 48 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Bug Fix 2 !

    Another problem related to config file fixed
  2. Bug Fix

    App wouldn't work if no prior config file was found. Typo in config file creation function.
  3. Warning flags and Background

    Ok racers, I have a new update for you! Added features: Proximity/Blind spot warning flags and...
  4. Fade Mode update

    V1.4 Little update allowing users to turn off fade when the cars going beyond defined range...
  5. Aaaaaaaaah!!

    Python you're killing me! Thanks to all the brave souls who update on the day i release and...

Latest reviews

Hi there, I've used the mod and I got to say it is AMAZING, however, I can't get it to work again, it show's up in Content Manager Activated Apps list and its ticked but it doesn't show up in the "desktop" app list, any hints Same exact prob as the other guy that posted this.. need some help
Great App, Dude <3
Thank you and everyone who uses this app.
it works
Worked amazing until the app decided to disappear from the apps in-game, looked in assetto corsa manager to see if its still activated and it was. Any idea on how to fix it?
Really useful!
Very cool! what I was looking for! Good job and tnx !
Clean racer's must have!
Hi there, I've used the mod and I got to say it is AMAZING, however, I can't get it to work again, it show's up in Content Manager Activated Apps list and its ticked but it doesn't show up in the "desktop" app list, any hints
Полагаю, это лучший радар для корсы
Works without a doubt for me in VR (Trinus/SteamVR/AC/PSVR)
I put it right in the middle of my Display SteeringWheel.
Awesome, geil, nikel, excelente !!!
Thankyo for the good work.
Firstly; some great features here. This could easily be a 5star app. But the developer has misunderstood the AC system. The side effects of this are poor optimization and in VR this renders an extra app in right eye that causes double vision. Will post a support thread about how dev could fix.
Learning learning
nice ,again
Thanks for the quick bugfix.
all best
Essential application to control traffic around. A must-have for everyone. Great job mate!
Excellent alternative for helicors aps!
Excellent, gave up helicorsa for this one. Brilliant.
Thank you, thank you :D
would like to see one just for walls tht would be cool like the distance
Blorg, i forgot to rate your brilliant app ))) You know how it works for me ). v 1.5 beta is Ideally, especially in simple mode. Best App for last AC year for me! Flue flags indication, absolute accurate car dimensions, proximity function, car overlap indication, color related infos, very flexible and user friendly setup- all of these cool futeres working like a shold be. No significant fps eating in simple mode. To rate this app and wait for 1.5 release is all what i can do for now! Best wishes, cool races, good things in your real live, Del!
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