Cameras for Warwick Farm

Cameras for Warwick Farm 1.0 still

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I'm lucky in that I don't need to ask for 'donations' but if you're in a giving mood, a view and a like on the video itself would be nice (maybe even a comment or a share if you feel it worthy).
If you really want to give something then donate to your Covid19-related cause of choice (be it for research or financial relief to those who need it).
Thanks, and stay healthy.

In the course of making a video at Legion's Warwick Farm track (see vid description or the Read me file) I decided I needed a couple of working camera sets.
(Period camera set at 1:14, Modern camera set at 3:00)

Just put these two camera files in the track's data folder

It will overwrite the original camera file, but at the time of uploading these sets that file is only a place holder anyway. If you really feel the need to keep the original file just move it or rename it (to cameras_2 for example).

If you have any issues with either set please let me know in the discussion section. I use Content Manager and CSP, but they're completely ordinary camera files so I see no reason why they wouldn't work just fine in vanilla AC.

Neither of these sets of cameras is meant to be historically accurate. The Period set simply places the cameras a fair way back on imaginary towers and there are fewer of them. The Modern set is generally much closer and there are more of them.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy them.

Sam12H (BLTMotorsport)

PS: I've shared the car's hotlap setup here.

UPDATE: These cameras and the extension by _fixed_a_bit_ have now been backported into the original track download, so if you don't have the track already then you just need this to know where to find it.
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