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Camera Mods 1.3

Changes heights, FX, Lag, Roll, Jolt, FOV and more....

  1. AgentHeX 0007
    With v1.3 of this mod pack I have split the modified files into 2 separate folders.

    Main Folder: 01 - Camera Heights Raised - Cam FX ON

    ALL mods found in this folder raise the bumper cam height to 1.1000 and both the​
    chase camera heights to 2.1000 for ALL cars models. (Higher than default)​
    ALL mods in this folder have the default camera shaking/bouncing FX turned ON.​

    Main Folder: 02 - Camera Heights Raised - Cam FX OFF

    ALL mods found in this folder raise the bumper cam height to 1.1000 and both the​
    chase camera heights to 2.1000 for ALL cars models. (Higher than default)​
    All mods in this folder have a lot of the camera shaking/bouncing FX turned OFF.​

    The idea behind these 2 mods is that I found the default values for the bumper camera
    to be to low to the ground and the chase cameras view to be to low behind your car
    obscuring the view of the track. I also found the shaking camera effects a little
    distracting so that can now be disabled or enabled if you prefer.

    The sub folders found inside each of these 2 main folders are named according to what other
    mods are enabled or disabled on them also.

    The sub folder mod descriptions are as follows:-

    LagRoll ON or OFF:

    This mod turns off the lag and roll of the camera when using chase cam view,​
    The car will stay in the centre of your view when driving instead of swaying​
    left and right. This makes driving in chase view more like bumper cam mode and​
    I personally find that it makes driving your car more precise as it is easier to line​
    your car up with the apex of corners more accurately. It does take a while to get​
    used to but once you have adjusted your driving style it can work great especially​
    in combination with some of the other mods.​

    Car Pull Away DEF, LOW or OFF:

    The idea behind this mod is that I did not like the way the car pulled further​
    away from your point of view the faster you car travels when in chase cam mode.​
    I found it made picking you racing line unpredictable especially when camera​
    roll and lag is turned on which is is by default.​

    Car Pull Away DEF: This is the default game values, nothing has been changed.​
    Car Pull Away LOW: The car will now take longer to pull furthest away from your viewpoint.​
    Car Pull Away OFF: The car will not pull away from the camera at all. With this mod the​
    position of the camera has also been adjusted so that the car is in full view at all times, whereas​
    by default when the car is stopped it is very close the the bottom of the screen or slightly off​
    the screen and pulls away from your viewpoint as speed increases.​

    Gear Jolt ON or OFF:

    By default the camera jolts slightly when changing up or down gears which I found distracting.​
    This mod allows you to stop the camera from jolting when gears are changed.​

    FOV Effect ON:

    This mod adds an FOV effect which is linked to your cars speed.​
    As speed increases so does your FOV which adds a sense of speed.​
    I only added this mod as it was an option found in the xml files.​
    Some might like it some might not, just added it to some of the mod combos for fun.​


    Choose the folder that has mods you want to have enabled or disabled.​
    Copy the 51 car folders found inside that folder into GRID 2's cars/models directory overwriting the original folders.

    If you find that you don't like the mods simply copy the 51 folders found​
    in the "Original Car Camera Files" directory back into GRID 2's cars/models directoryoverwriting all of the modified files.

    PLEASE NOTE: These mod files DO NOT work with DLC cars!

    To quickly test out different mod versions you can ALT+Enter to get to the desktop, copy modded files into GRID 2's models directory, ALT+Enter back into the game and go choose a track and car. You can also change files between events if you are in a multi race event, the new modified files will take effect when the next race starts.​


    AgentHeX 0007

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Recent Reviews

  1. fenes94
    Version: 1.3
    best modder I ever seen! this guy are better Camera editor than codemasters
  2. thundercat
    Version: 1.3
    Definite improvement over default plus a lot of options given to choose one that suits. Great mod! ^_^
  3. anezzz
    Version: 1.3
    Default Codemasters camera's are too low for real racing with chase view, this is perfect!
  4. jazzza
    Version: 1.3
    must have for all
  5. cr1zzmo
    Version: 1.3
    these Cams are a "MustHave" Mod if you use Chaseview!
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