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Camera Mod 1.4

Realistic camera for 2019 & F2 & classic cars.

  1. V1.08

    Compatible with version 1.08 of the game

    Various position update according to German GP and Hungarian GP.
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  2. 1.05 and British GP

    Drag and drop compatible with version 1.05 of the game.

    Various position update according to British GP (Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault, Toro Rosso Offset T-cam)
    Lowered the FOV of the front driver camera to be more realistic.
  3. Austrian GP

    Various position update according to the Austrian GP (Red Bull, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo Offset T-cam, Red Bull and Mercedes shoulder cam) and other position modification (McLaren, Toro Rosso, Williams)

    Fixed an issue with 2010 McLaren and F2 Offset T-cam that caused flickering texture
    Every F2 team have different camera position (include Offset T-cam, "low angle" Offset T-cam, rear Offset T-cam, shoulder cam, wing cam)
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  4. Drag and drop

    Added drag dans drop file for 2019 cars, classic cars and F2 cars.

    Make a backup before installing my mod, it's important.
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