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Cadwell Park V1

UK Club Race Track

  1. Kit Lethby
    Cadwell Park created by MotoFX for rFactor 1 converted by Tonto (aka rF2_xlr8x!) with kind permission of MotorFX

    Converted for AC using 3DSimEdit, 3DS Max, KS Editor and Photoshop

    Some parts of the track work really well, others need updating

    20 pitboxes
    Working A1 (not sure about pit_lane.ai)
    Working Timing
    No Cameras
    No working map

    known bugs
    some sharp edges to be covered
    a few translucent walls
    trees need repositioning for better effect
    some graphics need updating (especially crowds)
    a few AI get stuck at beginning, but sort themselves out


    1. preview.png
    2. preview.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. bellofrancesco
    Version: V1
    not tv cam ???
  2. frasie
    Version: V1
    Thanks for the conversion!
    I ever like this track! Maybe a corecture!?
  3. ca6
    Version: V1
    Love this track, used to drive it quite a lot in rFactor. Too bumpy to run in AC, would be awesome if it could be smoothed a bit :)
  4. Jacob Hartel
    Jacob Hartel
    Version: V1
    Fun track, Good track textures, Some minor bumps, missing track side detail.
  5. Maximillian Power
    Maximillian Power
    Version: V1
    The layout is good, the transition from the lower track to the top is well done. The bumpy sections are pretty accurate to the real track with its transitions from old tarmac to new and all the patch jobs over the years. Always loved this old bumpy track. Its hard to get some of the off camber parts into a game but top effort. Well done and I cant wait for the next update.
  6. Humboldt
    Version: V1
    Nice track, but near impossible to drive in many cars because it is so bumpy.
  7. Chris Kennedy
    Chris Kennedy
    Version: V1
    Low poly mesh, undrivable in some cars, also friction should be between 0.97 and 0.99 as pointed out by David. Certainly wouldnt call this V1 but I'm sure you can improve it, take a look at Tiago's conversions, very nicely done
  8. DavidMassieux
    Version: V1
    Mate your grip level is at 1, devs said that grip range is between 0.97 and 0.99 never above that. Otherwise nice track indeed, needs some smoothing but nice layout :D
  9. cubadoo1
    Version: V1
    Very bumpy needs ironing out a lot.
  10. seanvdburg
    Version: V1
    Yes please!
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