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Cadwell Park 2.10 by Motor FX and philrob 2.10

Cadwell Park 2.10 by Motor FX and philrob

  1. Denis Betty
    Cadwell Park v2a for rfactor by Motor FX and philrob.

    A narrow older style track layout make this one tricky to master, this track was originally created for GPL by Geoff Oliver.
    Much of the original gpl model was modified by Ken, including the inner grass areas, banking, buildings, new trees and a lot of the track itself was changed in max, along with most of the textures to make it more suitable for rFactor. Some of the older buildings/objects have been left to hopefully retain some of the tracks old style charm.

    As in the real track certain areas of the track were made to try and represent the fallen leaves and wet patches, near trees.
    Huge thanks to GEOFF OLIVER for making this track possible.

    This track is uploaded here primarily for members or RD HistorX Racing Club, so no pics necessary.
    All RD users are, of course, welcome to make use of this resource.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Rupe Wilson
    Rupe Wilson
    Version: 2.10
    love this track , been there many times to watch motorsport
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