C7R GT3 Callaway 2.0

honour the good Team and driver performance

  1. Xela1
    blinded by Daniel Keilwitz driver-performance in Monza 1. stint (Black Pearl 458) and last WE in Germany ADAC-GT- Masters here is my add for the simmer commnity. Skinning tips and hints are welcome in a polite way. Have fun ; greetings
    don't tell me that isn't the right chassis


    1. C7R GT3 Roller Callaway_f.jpg
    2. C7R GT3 Roller Callaway_b.jpg
    3. C7R GT3 Roller Callaway_field.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Old Geezer
    Old Geezer
    Version: 2.0
    KOOL!!! * Downloaded * Many THANX
  2. Charly69
    Version: 1.0
    ...great skin
  3. Bert Austen
    Bert Austen
    Version: 0.99
    top skin, nice work , thanks
  4. gamer19
    Version: 0.99
    Cool skin.
    Valvoline is one of my favorite options for car skinning.
    One thing though....
    you have something against "preview" picture for cars ? :)
    Also, your "livery.png" image has got NOTHING in common with your skin. So, all in all, your skin is very hard to choose from many other. I'm not sure why do you do that and HOW could you miss this. :S
    Maybe you should fix it.
    But I give you 5stars, since these are small things that I can correct for myself.
    Dunno for others though...
    1. Xela1
      Author's Response
      well, since 1.5.9 I'm not able to create a preview.jpg. Don't know what's wrong. livery.png will be changed next - your right
  5. Torsten Scharke
    Torsten Scharke
    Version: 0.99
    great skin
    1. Xela1
      Author's Response
      thx Torsten. Seems to be you're a german guy or a guitar player
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