C7.R - Corvette Racing #63/#64 - 2016 Le Mans 24h v1.0

C7.R - Corvette Racing #63 and #64 - 2016 Le Mans 24h

  1. nsss
    Liveries for Corvette C7.R

    2016 Le Mans 24h
    Corvette Racing #63 and #64

    For installation use Crowtrobot's Custom Livery Tool and then
    additional instructions for tires and banner are included ;)

    *If they make any changes to livery in race, I'll update this livery.

    **#64 also has new tires but I forgot to edit corvette_c7r.rcf before taking screens and was too lazy to make new ones.
    ***Z06 logo is fixed but I was again too lazy to make new screens.
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  1. Mathieu Leroy
    Mathieu Leroy
    Version: v1.0
    Great job !