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Buzetski dani hillclimb 0,8

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Latest reviews

For ALL that have problems with missing main layout_

- Rename the track folder from buzetski dani 0,8 to Buzetski_Dani
- Then rename the buzetski dani 0,8 o and buzetski dani 0,8 inside the folder like Buzetski_Dani and Buzetski_Dani_1

- Then copy and paste those two new names inside the models.ini

Everything will work fine

The track is still missing a proper EXT_CONFIG for the CSP users, as soon as i can find time i will make it like i did for a lot of tracks (many of you may know my work under my GTP name of CrisT86)
Can t play it sadly said its missing main layout.
i keep getting an error saying the main layout is missing. Anyone have a solution?
One of the best hillclimb tracks in Assetto
beautiful, must have for hillclimb fans
needs more flares, jk, thank you!
Nice finish!
nice track but can you put more then 1 pit lane so me and friends can hillclimb online
Fantastic hill climb, nice blend of fast and slow corners. Great update, thanks and well done.
Beautiful hillclimb!
Great job, thank you!
Damage this track has not been updated since.
another video of her
Super! Pozdrav iz Rijeke ;)
Briliant! ONLY THING - put a bit more cameras because a few corners are uncovered, other than that, excellent work!
:-O very nice look ! I can not wait for the 0.8!
Excellent work! more pits please
Thanks for this nice HC track.
Sure I would give full 5-star if it improve some textures, specially some grass and maybe in the track.
Cameras are very good!!
Only one thing more...I would say developers that save effort and don't put public around there... I really love closed tracks as private or training days...etc ;) :P

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