BTCC - Honda Civic Halfords 2016 Version 4

BTCC - Honda Civic Halfords

  1. Ricky Davies
    Here is the BTCC halfords Honda Civic. (My first paint job in AMS)

    Backups provided

    Install location
    **Civic_90 file**

    **Civic_00 file**

    More BTCC liveries coming soon, feedback is welcome and appreciated a lot.
    If you like BTCC and have project cars you can also check out my popular BTCC skin pack here:
    Please also follow me on facebook at RD Sim Livery Designs to stay updated on my latest skins.
    Enjoy! :D


Recent Reviews

  1. Luca Antinori
    Luca Antinori
    Version: Version 4
    nice :)
  2. Diabolikpt
    Version: Version 2
    It looks so awesome!!!
    1. Ricky Davies
      Author's Response
      thanks means a lot , glad you like it :)
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