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Bryce Canyon Raceway 2.0

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The GSC2013 version has all the materials and textures altered to make proper use of GSC2013's lighting model, with all those lively and bright colors.
While I've ended the developing of track for rFactor, GSC013 version may have some improvements tho, especially at the AI side.

Features all the stuff from rFactor's 2.0 vesion, including 3D trees and dense grass/bushes.

Night lighting is available, but mostly in the pit area :)

The fantasy scratch-made track inspired by beautiful Bryce canyon in Utah, USA. This is not 100% representation of a real place, although it's based on real data.
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Latest reviews

I have lived most of my life in Utah and have been to Bryce Canyon several times. Admittedly, I am biased towards the scenery of much of Utah -especially its national parks.

Of all the tracks I have so far downloaded and installed for rfactor (I do, however, have many yet to 'test drive') this "Bryce Canyon" track is easily, by far, the most scenic looking track, the most highly detailed, and has the best track circuit layout/design.

Absolutely superb track; an understatement. The hot air balloons in the distance are a nice touch and the track is somewhat challenging and very fun to race with all the elevation changes.

A small complaint is that I wish that there were plenty of 'cliff-side' areas where there weren't road barriers: Sailing off a cliff, in ones vehicle, hundreds of feet down would provide absolutely hilarious and very long-lasting crashes; roll-overs that lasted half a minute or more and all kinds of vehicular damage.

With graphic settings set to 'maximum,' there is absolutely no framerate drop and my older laptop easily handles this circuit.
Amazing track. And it Works on Automobilista ;)
This track is fantastic! One of the best add-on tracks for sure. Thank you :)
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